Ultimate Airport Parking Guide

(SMF) Sacramento International Airport

The Sacramento International airport gives every guest the chance to experience unique art installations.

The airport also has multiple places to stop and get a quick bite on the go.

The airport also provides many shopping, dining and concession services for guests.

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    General airport info

    (SMF) Sacramento International Airport
    6900 Airport Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95837

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    Airport parking options at SMF

    On-airport lots

    You can choose from three long-term parking lots at the airport. There are parking options in the Parking Garage for Terminals A and B. There is also a Daily Lot and Economy Parking Lot available.

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    3rd party lots

    There is no third party parking available at the Sacramento International Airport.

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    There are five hotel options listed for the Sacramento airport ranging from $4 - $29.40 / day that can save you money.

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    Airport owned & operated lots

    There are three options for long-term parking at the airport.

    Key takeaways for SMF airport lots

    • There is a short term parking option in the Terminal B Hourly Parking lot.
    • The terminal parking facilies have covered parking options.
    • Drivers can park and wait in the Cell Phone Waitng lot for up to three hours and vehicles must be attended at all times.

    Long term parking

    Lot name Price
    Parking Garage - Terminals A and B $2.00 / 1/2 hour
    $18.00 / day maximum
    Covered parking
    Reservations are not available
    Daily Lot - Terminals A and B $2.00 / 1/2 hour
    $12.00 / day maximum
    Shuttle service provided at 8-10 minute intervals
    Economy Parking Lot $2.00 / 1/2 hour
    $10.00 / day maximum
    Shuttle service provided at 15-20 minute intervals Reservations are not available

    Short term parking

    Lot name Price
    Cell Phone Waiting Lot Free to wait The waiting area has fee-based DC fast charging stations There is a three-hour limit and vehicles must be attended at all times
    Terminal B Hourly Parking $2.00 / 1/2 hour
    $29.00 / day

    Privately owned & operated 3rd party lots

    There are no privately owned parking options available at the Sacramento Airport.

    Hotel lots

    Hotel lots may offer cheaper parking than the airport lots. Before using hotel lots, I’d recommend you read more about how these lots work on my guide to airport parking, particularly the section on hotel lots here.

    Parking at hotels near the Sacramento airport range from $4 to $29.40.

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