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(PDX) Portland International Airport

The Portland International Airport has awesome art and music programs to enhance your travel experience. The Port of Portland maintains a rotating exhibits program throughout the airport terminal.

PDX also has volunteer musicians perform in the terminal and interact with travelers.

If your flight is delayed you can also check out the Hollywood Theatre located in Concourse C. This theatre shares short films with stories that are specific to the Northwest.

    General airport info

    (PDX) Portland International Airport
    7000 NE Airport Way, Portland, OR 97218

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    Airport parking options at PDX

    There is only one lot if you are looking for on-airport, long-term parking and several short-term garages. There are private lots available for long-term parking but they aren't going to save you much money compared to the closer, airport-owned lot. Hotel lots might be a good choice if you're able to find a good deal through a hotel site.

    On-airport lots

    The long-term parking lot costs $24 / day and short-term rates are $3.00 / hour.

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    3rd party lots

    There are a few private lots ranging from $10 - $13 / day.

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    There are several hotel lots available ranging from $6 - $22 / day.

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    Airport owned & operated lots

    Key takeaways for PDX airport lots

    • Your only option for on-airport, long-term parking is the Long-Term parking lot.
    • There is a Cell Phone Waiting Lot available where you can park for a maximum of 30 minutes.
    • Disabled parking is available and is offered at a discounted rate of $12.00 / day.
    • Electric Vehicle parking has no time restrictions in the short-term parking garage and in the economy lot.

    There is one on-airport lot available for long-term parking at $24 per day. There are several short-term garages to choose from for $3.00 / hour.

    Long term parking

    Lot name Price
    Long-Term Parking $3.00 / hour
    $24.00 / day

    Short term parking

    Lot name Price
    Short-Term Parking $3.00 / hour
    $27.00 / day
    Economy Lot $3.00 / hour
    $12.00 / day
    Cell Phone Waiting Lot Free Capacity for up to 30 vehicles Motorists must stay with their vehicles Motorists can park for a maximum of 30 minutes
    Disabled Parking $12.00 / day Disabled parking is offered at a discounted daily maximum rate of $12 per day for vehicles displaying a valid state-issued disabled permit, placard or license plate. Disabled veterans of the United States Armed Forces can park without charge in the Economy Lot and must present credentials.
    Electric Vehicle Parking No additional cost aside from the regular parking fee Electric vehicle stations are available in the short-term parking garage, the economy lot, and customers using Gold Key Valet parking There are no time restrictions

    Privately owned & operated 3rd party lots

    There are three privately owned lots to choose from. You'll pay $10 - $13 per day if you choose one of these lots.

    Thrifty Parking.com
    10800 NE Holman Street
    Portland, OR 97220
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    Hourly and weekly rates available

    Airport Park N' Fly
    6455 NE 82nd Avenue
    Portland, OR 97220
    Visit website

    6935 NE 82nd Avenue
    Portland, OR 97220
    Visit website

    Hotel lots

    Hotel lots allow you to park at nearby hotels and the hotel shuttle takes you to the airport.

    Before using hotel lots, I’d recommend you read more about how these lots work on my guide to airport parking, particularly the section on hotel lots here.

    If you are able to use hotel parking, you may be able to find a great rate. Last I checked, PDX hotel parking ranged from $6 - $21 per day with the best rates found at CheapAirportParking.com, Parkopedia and Global Airport Parking.

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