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(PHL) Philadelphia International Airport

The Philadelphia International Airport sees around 31 million passengers a year, making it one of the busiest airports in the US. Looking for something to do while at the airport? The Philadelpia airport has a Marketplace which includes a food court but also many shops you can browse while waiting for your flight. The airport has 7 terminals and you can take the shuttle to travel throughout to see different art exhibitions and spa options.

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    General airport info

    (PHL) Philadelphia International Airport
    8000 Essington Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19153

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    Airport parking options at PHL

    There are options for short and long-term parking at the Philadelphia airport. The Economy parking lot is long-term parking and offers an $11.00 flat rate.

    On-airport lots

    The short-term lots have ground and upper level parking for $6 / hour. The Economy parking lot offers an $11 flat rate for long-term parking.

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    3rd party lots

    There are 9 options for privately owned parking lots. These private lots range from $7 - $15.

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    There are 8 options for hotel parking. These hotel lots range from $2 / day to $24 / day.

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    Airport owned & operated lots

    Key takeaways for PHL airport lots

    • The airport only offers one option for long-term parking and that is the Economy parking lot.
    • For short-term parking you can choose between the ground or upper level parking lots.
    • The cell phone waiting lot is free to park and wait in. The lot has space for 150 vehicles and the wait time is limited to 60 minutes. You can access this lot from both I-95 and Route 291.
    • Electric vehicle parking is also available. The parking facilities feature seven charging stations capable of charging 14 electric vehicles at any time. There are two available on Level 1 in Garage C, two on Level 1 in Garage D and three in the Economy Lot next to the airport toll plaza.

    Long term parking

    Lot name Price
    Economy Parking Lot $11.00 / day

    Short term parking

    Lot name Price
    Short Term (Ground level) Parking $6.00 / Up to 1 hour $10.00 / Up to 2 hours $15.00 / Up to 3 hours $24.00 / Up to 4 hours $44.00 / Up to 24 hour
    Garage (Upper levels) Parking $6.00 / Up to 1 hour $10.00 / Up to 2 hours $15.00 / Up to 3 hours $24.00 / Up to 24 hours
    Cell Phone Waiting Lot Free - Space for 150 vehicles and the wait time is limited to 60 minutes

    Privately owned & operated 3rd party lots

    The off-airport lots range from $7 - $15 per day. These lots offer uncovered, covered, and valet parking. Park N Jet also offers an online and a drive-up rate.

    The Parking Spot 1
    7780 Essington Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA 19153
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    The Parking Spot 2
    7601 Essington Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA 19153
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    Wally Park
    1 Scott Way
    Philadelphia, PA 19113
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    Colonial Airport Parking
    73 South Governor Printz Blvd.
    Essington, PA 19029
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    PreFlight Airport Parking
    4700 Island Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA 19153
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    Smart Park Inc.
    900 East 2nd Street
    Essington, PA 19029
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    Winner Airport Parking
    6717 Essington Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA 19153
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    Pacifico Airport Valet
    6715 Essington Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA 19153
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    Park N Jet
    79 Industrial Hwy
    Essington, PA 19029
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    Hotel lots

    Hotel lots may offer cheaper parking than privately owned and on-airport lots.

    There is more information on the hotel lots on my guide to airport parking, particularly the section on hotel lots here.

    You can find parking in the hotel lots with prices that range from $7 - $24 per day.

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