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Miami International Airport

MIA is a big stop if you're traveling to South Florida or down South of the US. Miami is also one of the most amazing cities in the U.S. so if you haven't been I highly recommend it.

IMPORTANT: Parking options are changing frequently due to COVID. Be sure to check with the place you plan to park to verify prices and that they are open.

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    General airport info

    Miami International Airport
    2100 NW 42nd Avenue
    Miami, FL 33126

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    Airport parking options at MIA

    On-airport lots

    has 2 on-airport parking lots, garage and valet. Pretty simple.

    Garage is $2.00 every 30 minutes ($6.00 per hour) up to $17 daily.

    Valet is located in the North Dolphin and South Flamingo garages, level 2. Maximum length of stay at valet is 20 days, so plan accordingly. Valet is $18 for first 3 hours, then $30 per day after that.

    Designated disabled permit parking and stroller permit parking is located on the 3rd level of both the North Dolphin and South Flamingo garages.

    Parking for wheelchair accessible vehicles is on the ground level, East section, North Dolphin Garage.

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    3rd party lots

    MIA has 4 third party parking options.

    Prices are range from $5.95 - $12.50 per day

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    Quite a few hotel parking options at MIA as well.

    Prices range from $4.50 - $9.00 per day

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    Airport owned & operated lots

    Key takeaways

    • Parking options are pretty simple. You have North Dolphin and South Flamingo garages. They're right next to each other and cost the same.
    • Park in the same place for hourly / short term. There's no other option.
    • If you park longer than 2 hours 40 minutes, you'll be charged for the full day.
    • Both garages are right next to the airport so no shuttle is needed (or provided).
    • Valet is available on level 2 of both garages (max stay is 20 days for valet).
    • There's a cell phone lot North-Northeast of the terminal building near Northwest 31st Street.

    MIA Airport parking map

    Map is interactive. Use + / - buttons or mouse scroll to zoom. Click and drag to move around.

    Long term parking

    Lot name Price
    Dolphin Garage
    For Terminals D & E
    $17 /day
    Flamingo Garage
    For Terminals F, G, H, J
    $17 /day
    Level 2 of either garage
    $30 /day

    Short term parking

    Lot name Price
    Dolphin Garage $2.00 per 20 minutes
    $17.00 /day max
    Flamingo Garage $2.00 per 20 minutes
    $17.00 /day max
    Level 2 of either garage
    Up to 3 hours: $18.00
    3+ hours: $30.00 /day

    Other options

    Designated disabled permit parking is on Level 3 of both garages. Same prices.

    Wheelchair accessible vehicle parking is on ground level, East section, North Dolphin garage.

    Overheight vehicle parking is in high-vehicle surface parking lot adjacent to the East side of the North Dolphin Garage

    Privately owned & operated 3rd party lots

    Pricing ranges from $5.95 - $12.50 per day, with higher range for indoor valet.

    Park to Travel
    3925 NW 25th Street
    Miami, FL 33142
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    Park ‘N Fly
    3901 NW 28th Street
    Miami, FL 33142
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    Florida Economy Parking
    4100 NW 28th Street
    Miami, FL 33142
    Get directions

    Park Go Fly
    3975 NW 25th Street
    Miami, FL 33142
    Get directions

    Hotel lots

    Hotel lots allow you to park at nearby hotels and the hotel shuttle takes you to the airport.

    Before using hotel lots, I’d recommend you read more about how these lots work on my guide to airport parking, particularly the section on hotel lots here.

    Hotel lot pricing at ranges from $4.50 to $9.00 per day.


    Depending on the lot you choose to park at the airport and the duration and the lot you choose, the rate of the parking lot starts from $2.00 each 20-minute increment, with maximum daily rate of $17.

    Yes. You can use the airport’s Cell Phone Lot located just off LeJeune Road and NW 31 Street. Commercial and unattended vehicles are prohibited.

    Generally, the cheapest parking depends on your needs. However, the most affordable parking option at MIA is the Terminal Parking. The rates here start at $2 for each 20-minute increment.

    Yes. Valet parking is located in Departures, conveniently located on the 2nd level of the Dolphin (North) and Flamingo (South) Garage. The rate starts at $18.00 for the first 3 hours with a maximum daily rate of $30.

    Yes. There are two charging stations at Miami International Airport located on the first Arrivals 1st level, the inner loop between Terminals E and G, and Departures 2nd level, valet parking at the Dolphin and Flamingo Garages.

    Yes. You can use 60 spaces free of charge for private, not-for-hire vehicles to use while waiting to pick up someone from the airport. This is which is conveniently located just off LeJeune Road and NW 31 Street. This is the perfect option if you’re only going to pick up an arriving passenger and not planning to park your car longer.

    Yes. Most of the parking lots are MIA Airport are covered.

    Miami International Airport has designated parking areas for motorcycles in both Dolphin and Flamingo Terminal Garages. Parking your motorcycle here is free, convenient, and has no time limit. Similarly, there are also designated parking spaces for larger vehicles like Semi-trucks, trailers, mobile homes, and large box trucks at MIA Airport. Oversized vehicles will incur a daily fee of $3.

    Unfortunately, there’s no way to check parking availability at Miami airport online. However, you may call 305-876-0288 for more information. .

    No. Booking in advance is not necessary and available online. However, if you’d rather make an advanced booking for your parking lot, there are several offsite parking options around MIA Airport that allow early booking. Here are some of your options:

    Yes. Disabled veterans get free parking if their vehicle displays a Florida license plate for Disabled Veterans.

    Yes. There are marked parking spaces for customers with restricted mobility available in each parking lot near the terminal entrance, subject to availability. Your vehicle must have official disabled license plates or other permits displayed to park in these reserved spaces.

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